The allure of the 8-carat diamond is infinite, not only does the size lend to a brilliant sparkle that lights up every room you enter, but the number 8 itself holds power because it symbolizes infinity. The number 8 embodies balance and harmony, which is evident as the 8-carat diamond ring is perfectly balanced in relation to the hand. The two full circles of the number 8’s body symbolize wholeness and completion, and the number 8 on its side represents infinity: going far beyond what we can see. All of these aspects make the 8-carat diamond ring the perfect engagement ring, a symbol of your infinite and complete love for one another.

You may be familiar with the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. It is important to note that depending on the shape of the diamond you choose, these 4 C’s will manifest differently. I’m going to take you through what to consider when searching for that perfect 8-carat diamond.


8 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

Oval Cuts

Oval cuts are a classic and high-in-demand choice, and the elongated shape is flattering on all women’s hands. The spread and the sparkle of the 8-carat oval diamonds appear larger than other diamond shapes. 

When searching for an 8-carat oval diamond, keep in mind that larger stones can show more flaws or inclusions, which are traits of a lower Clarity diamond. The oval cut does allow you to cut corners with clarity due to the oval diamond’s faceting structure, but some facets and inclusions show more than others. Here at Miss Diamond Ring, we suggest staying in the VS1/VS2/SI1 range. All of our diamonds are sourced from the most ethical and highly-esteemed diamond sourcers on Rodeo Drive.

The most important factor to keep in mind with 8-carat oval diamonds is color. The larger the stone, the more visible the color, and oval cuts show more color than their round or Emerald-cut counterparts. We only source colorless range (D, E, F) and top tier near-colorless range (G, H) for 8-carat oval cuts, so that nothing gets in the way of that perfect shine and sparkle.


Radiant Cut

Radiants are the Max Sparkle stone with 70 facets, 12 more facets than all of her other sister shapes. Generally a 1:15 - 1:2 ratio, the radiant cut rectangle shape mesmerizes women around the world with the scintillation and disco ball sparkle of light refraction and fire.

Because Radiant cuts have a long, large open table (similar to a princess cut) you have more visibility into the center of the diamond. Radiants show adn intensify color more than most stones (most yellow diamonds are radiant cuts), so being in the colorless (D,E,F) to top tier near colorless (G,H)  range is most advisable. 

When it comes to clarity, due to the plentiful facet structure of this large table stone, you can get away with slightly lower clarity, from VS1 up to SI1. The radiant cut diamond’s 70 facets mask most inclusions (though you need to have the right inclusions).

Radiants work beautifully as a solitaire and as a three stone ring, though we have seen most radiant cut diamond rings of this size as a Three Stone Diamond Ring. Side stones such as trapezoids, bullets, tapered baguettes or cadillacs pair beautifully wtih this angular stone. 


Emerald Cut

Nothing is quite as timeless and elegant as the emerald cut, bringing forth nostalgic imagery of Old Hollywood glamour and roaring New York City. In the diamond industry, the emerald cut is known as ‘The Honest Cut’, because an emerald cut will not hide any inclusions. An emerald cut is like a hall of mirrors, any inclusion will be magnified within the stone. If you’re going to go for a timeless and enduring emerald cut, a higher clarity will be worth the price. At Miss Diamond Ring, we only source diamonds in the VS1/2 or VVS1/2 clarity range. 

Emerald cut diamonds mask color more than her sisters, pear, oval, and cushion, which means that a low color will actually appear higher with this cut (an H will look like a G, and an F will look like an E, etc.) At Miss Diamond Ring, we’ve mastered the ‘up a color’ custom diamond settings that push a diamond to its full potential and make the color appear even higher.


Round Brilliant Cuts

The round brilliant cut is a symbol of perfection, and at the 8-carat size, the roundness is perfectly balanced while still making a bold statement. Round brilliant cuts are the only cut that can achieve a Triple Excellent Cut Grade rating, this means that the light refraction, brilliance, and scintillation of the round brilliant cuts is the most exceptional, and will light up every room. 

When it comes to color, round brilliant diamonds mask color very well due to their spectral/rainbow light refraction. Ovals and cushion cuts refract white light, while brilliant diamonds refract rainbow fire colors. With this cut, you could get away with an H or I color, but we suggest that the best color range is F or G for an 8-carat diamond.

You can be more lenient with clarity for an 8 carat round brilliant because of its brilliant faceting, and inclusions are well hidden and generally hard to see. The VS1/VS2 is the ideal range. 


Cushion Cuts

Elongated and square cushion cuts are both timeless, however, they only rose into popularity around 2019 and have continued to be popular since. No two cushion cuts are the same and they are all unique, despite what the certificate says.

When purchasing an 8-carat cushion diamond, it is important to consider ratio, weight distribution, and color. Your first priority would be to find out if your future partner prefers a square or elongated cushion.

An 8-carat elongated cushion has a larger appearance than a square cushion due to the weight distribution. However, cushions can at times be bottom-heavy, which means most of the diamond weight is at the bottom of the stone instead of the top, and it will appear smaller than 8 carats.

It is also important to consider the ratio of the cushion, which you can find by dividing the length by the width. 1:1 is a perfect square, a 1:15 is a slightly elongated cushion, and a 1:2 ratio is a true rectangle but spreads quite large. Be mindful of finger coverage, especially if your partner has wider set fingers. If this is the case, choose the diamond that spreads across her finger more, or consider adding side stones to the ring to maximize coverage across the width of her finger.

When it comes to color with a cushion cut diamond ring, the color will show, especially for a diamond this size. We suggest staying between an F, G, and H color. If your setting is yellow gold, then you can get away with an I color. 


Pear & Marquise Cuts

Pear and Marquise cuts are flattering, but it is mandatory that these stones are sourced by an expert as there is only one beautiful pear or marquise shape out of every 100. This is due to the subjective nature of the shape’s proportions. At Miss Diamond Ring, we think about it like the Goldilocks syndrome, and we make sure the cut is not too wide, too narrow, or too pointy, and that there is not too strong of a bow tie.

Pear and Marquise cuts mask inclusions well, so opting for a lower clarity is a good way to bring down the price. We suggest sticking to an F or a G with color, as H or lower colors show with this cut. If you are purchasing an H, I, or J, our ‘up a color’ settings would be perfect to help you amplify the color.


8 Carat Diamonds Ring Price

When it comes to 8-Carat diamonds, prices vary based on many factors, such as color, cut, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, certification, shape demand/ rarity, and stone make/ character. One change in each of these elements can significantly alter the price of a diamond. Think of it like buying a car, where your personal preference, model, make, year, and add-ons all play a part in the price of the final purchase. An 8-Carat diamond can range from $150,000 to $600,000.

At Miss Diamond Ring, we specialize in an elite global sourcing process to acquire that perfect diamond that both fits your price range and symbolizes your unique love story. To receive an estimate and enjoy a boutique streamlined search that sources your elite diamond from around the world, email

But Most Importantly…

When you walk into a store, you are limited to on-hand inventory that the specialists are anxious to sell. Make sure to work with someone you can trust who will access inventory from around the world to find your perfect diamond at the best price point. 

If you are ready to experience the next level in luxury engagement ring shopping - more personalized, less stress, less time, better value, better options, you can contact us here and set up a Diamond Discovery call with Michelle.

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