Miss Diamond Ring: Your Love Story And Legacy Brought to Life

Miss Diamond Ring: Your Love Story And Legacy Brought to Life


Article originally published on Forbes.com on April 15, 2022. View original article here.

There’s love, and then there is the legacy of your love story.

Michelle Demaree — Founder and Lead Designer of the multinational, luxury jewelry brand Miss Diamond Ring — marries the two. If you don’t know who she is yet, you’re probably not spending enough on your significant other, nor thinking deeply about your unique love story. 

Diligently combining her clients’ love stories with delicate and personalized jewelry, Demaree has crafted the new standard in the high-end jewelry market. Moving beyond standard pieces of jewelry, Demaree integrates her couples’ legacies into each bespoke ring, including etched messages onto diamonds themselves, or incorporating a family jewel or existing heirloom to cultivate even greater significance to a family history already rich in meaning. 

“There is an elite level of bespoke jewelry making that I call ‘the Love Legacy’,” Demaree says, “it’s about more than a six figure ring. It’s about more than a gorgeous stone. It’s about creating and celebrating both a milestone and a memory within your love story.”

Like every love story, there is more than meets the eye with each piece that Miss Diamond Ring crafts. Sourcing diamonds and stones from across the globe, Demaree subtracts the middleman and red tape from the traditional retail process, allowing space to personalize each piece she designs. For a gander at Michelle’s bespoke pieces, her Instagram social media presence is certainly one to swoon at, @missdiamondring, if you like big sparkle, that is. 

“After taking time to fully understand our story and goals for the [10 year anniversary] ring, Michelle educated us on diamonds and flew several stones into Beverly Hills,” reviews Justin, a client located in Beverly Hills. “While every stone she sourced was stunning, Michelle found THE perfect oval with which my wife IMMEDIATELY fell in love. She helped us design the most breathtaking ring. Michelle is the ultimate professional, who seriously understands white glove service and gives every client the celebrity experience. Five stars are simply not enough.” 

Personalization is the puzzle piece that has allowed Demaree to craft jewelry that is fit for even a Queen. 

In celebration of the 95th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England and the 100th birthday of her late husband His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, Miss Diamond Ring was invited to design a piece of jewelry to honor their love legacy in collaboration with the International Club for Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts (RREC). 

Tracing the love story of the Queen and His Royal Highness to its origin in Malta, where they spent their first several years of marriage, Demaree crafted a brooch carved from Mother of Pearl with a hand-painted Maltese flower. The custom-cut crystal domed face of the brooch is set in a nautical rope frame which is hand-carved in platinum with 1.25 ct of diamonds and a Ceylon purple sapphire at the center of the nautical knot.

The Queen’s brooch is a bespoke masterpiece that tells the story of her love for the Duke. Combining Mediterranean colors and stones sourced from Malta, the piece speaks to the legacy of their love, creating a story and narrative without uttering a single word. 

Whether it is the Queen of England or a couple located in her backyard of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Demaree has built a new approach to luxury — letting love lead the way. Each piece speaks to something stronger than just one fleeting moment within a relationship: Miss Diamond Ring crafts a narrative that speaks to an existing legacy that reaches into the past and continues into the future. 

“At the end of the day, my pieces are not about just one moment, or one proposal,” Demaree says, “They are the culmination of an entire love story — of heartache, of triumph, of finding something worth fighting for.” 

Founded in 2015, Miss Diamond Ring couples Demaree’s experience in the commercialized diamond industry with the relationships she built during her decade-long stint at Harry Winston, Tiffanys, and Van Cleef & Arpels, allowing her to curate a personalized luxury experience of the highest standard at a greater value. Working for the latter Parisian Atelier, touring their workshop at Place Vendome, and selling their incredible jewels has given Demaree a PhD in craftsmanship and an eye for the exceptional.

Miss Diamond Ring is building a business that moves beyond the antiquated brick and mortar stores on mainstreet, offering clients higher end options and customization that simply doesn’t exist in the standard retail experience. A ‘Diamond Discovery Consultation’ can be scheduled from the comfort of your home by visiting her website

Demaree’s prestigious and innovative approach to the luxury diamond business has coined her the new standard in the industry — attracting a growing community of discriminating diamond lovers who value connection, intention, and luxury. From queens, to celebrities, her discerning buyers come from all over the world, including U.S. hot spots like Malibu and Miami, to Australia, Switzerland, and Dubai. 

“I am inspired by each new love story and design sparkling works of art that are inspired by the deepest level of connection,” says Demaree. “It is my life’s work to bring the very best in design and storytelling, and to connect with incredible people who have impeccable taste. The love and connection that flows from each love story and each piece is unparalleled at Miss Diamond Ring; of that I am sure.”

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