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With this ring, let's honor your Love Story.


Behind every ring is your uniquely beautiful love story. It is our mission to search the world for the perfect diamond that represents the story and soul that embodies your love. It is also our passion to ensure a top-quality, certified, ethically sourced diamond that entails the best use of Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cut, Certification and Character for your particular diamond shape. We never let our clients pay for what they can't see and source top make stones from the same sources as Rodeo Drive name brand salons.



Bespoke is best.
She's too good for anything less.


We don't make cookie cutter ring settings because you're not a cookie cutter couple.

All ring settings are hand made, made by Rodeo Drive's best bench jewelers. Have an idea of your setting style? (Don't worry, we can customize it.)

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