Honoring Your Deep, Spiritual Connection with Your Partner? Celebrate it with a 7 Carat Diamond!

Honoring Your Deep, Spiritual Connection with Your Partner? Celebrate it with a 7 Carat Diamond!

A 7-carat diamond is a beautiful, deeply symbolic choice for an engagement, vow renewal, or anniversary ring because the number 7 symbolizes an intense, spiritual connection with your partner that goes beyond your consciousness and into the subconscious, something much more profound than what we can merely see. The number 7 is intense, mysterious, intellectual, and curious, always yearning to learn more on a deeper level. As an engagement ring, it symbolizes a curiosity to learn and understand the other spiritually, and as a vow renewal or anniversary ring, it symbolizes the intense subconscious connection that the two of you have formed over the years that you have spent together and will continue to foster over future decades.

7 Carat diamonds are incredibly difficult to source in person, as most brick and mortar jewelry retailers carry mostly up to 2 carats. It is best to shop online for 7 carats or work with a trusted diamond sourcer.

Buying a diamond of this size might seem daunting at first, but it’s a lot easier when you have the right information. One of the most important aspects to keep top of mind during your search is that with a diamond of this size, color and clarity will both be more noticeable. While an SI1 clarity grade on a 1 carat would have inclusions that would go unnoticed, an SI1 on a 7 carat can be seen much more clearly. I will take you through how the color, clarity, and cut manifest differently with this size, and how you can cut costs while still sourcing a stunning, show-stopping diamond.


7 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

Oval Cuts

Oval cuts are very popular and fashionable right now, and they’re perfect for the stylish, trendy woman who loves an elegant, classic look. The spread of an oval cut makes it look larger than its sister cuts round, cushion, and radiant (Keep in mind that carat is the weight of the diamond, not the size, so certain cuts will appear larger depending on the weight distribution). With some other stones, it is better to know your partner’s ring size or finger length. However, the oval cut is flattering on all women’s hands because of the elongation of the stone, so it cuts out a lot of guesswork!

As we mentioned before, larger stones show more flaws and inclusions. Luckily, you can opt for a lower clarity grade because of the oval diamond’s brilliant faceting structure. Brilliant faceting creates added sparkle and luster that reflects and refracts, covering up inclusions. Keep in mind that flaws and inclusions vary, and different types of clarity yield different appearances. We suggest staying in the VS1/VS2 range to be safe. If you’re unsure if the flaws and inclusions in a lower clarity are going to show with this cut, consider contacting an expert for guidance.

With oval cuts, you also want to be wary of bow ties. Bow ties are two unsightly dark triangles that appear at the center of a brilliant-cut stone. The larger the oval, the more severe the bow tie. Depending on the cut, color, and clarity, a bow tie can be rendered almost invisible. We work with the most exclusive diamond sourcers in Beverly Hills to locate the perfect stone that minimizes any flaws, inclusions, or bow ties.

When it comes to ovals, your biggest investment is going to be in the color. The larger the stone, the more noticeable the color and the lighter and whiter it needs to be. Color grades range from D (colorless) all the way down to Z (yellow). The higher the color, the more expensive the stone. As an alumnus, I can tell you that Tiffany & Co. stocks down to a J, while Harry Winston and Van Cleef & Arpels only stock diamonds in the (D, E, F) colorless range.

With an oval, the (D, E, F) range is your best bet, but going down to a (G, H) can work with the right diamond. GIA, The Gemological Institute of America, grades color by looking at the lowest color in the stone. But if this darker color is at the bottom of the stone, then it is not noticeable at the top, and can actually face up as a higher color! We specialize in sourcing these rare diamonds that could save you thousands of dollars.

We are also known for our ‘up a color’ settings, where we find the perfect setting that makes a stone appear to be a higher color grade to the naked eye, making an I appear like an H, or an H appear like a G!

Radiant Cut

The Radiant cut is designed to produce the maximum amount of sparkle with 70 facets (that’s 12 more facets than all of her sister shapes!). These gorgeous stones create a stunning disco-ball effect when the light hits them, and at the 7-carat mark, they’ll light up every room you enter. This cut is perfect for the show-stopping woman who loves to turn heads.

Radiant cuts are usually cut in a 1:15 ratio up to a 1:2 ratio with a long, large, open table (the flat top of the diamond). The larger the table, the higher the lustrous sparkle, but it is important to note that the larger the table, the more noticeable the color will be because the center of the stone is more visible. You should opt for colorless (D, E, F) or near-colorless (G, H).

While this might make it seem like a radiant cut is more expensive, we have good news! You can cut costs with clarity! A radiant cut’s stunning faceted structure masks most inclusions, so you can get away with a grade of VS1 down to an SI1. However, if you’re going to go down to the SI1/ SI2 range, be sure to see the stone in person before purchase, as not all SI grades are 100% eye-clean. Radiant cuts work beautifully as a solitaire ring (only one stone) or a three-stone ring paired with bullets, trapezoids, or tapered baguettes).

At Miss Diamond Ring, we send a selection of diamonds to you so you can compare and try them on in the comfort of your own home.


Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut is the most vintage and glamorous cut. It is a favorite amongst celebrities like Beyonce, Amal Clooney, and Victoria Beckham. The emerald cut evokes romantic, nostalgic imagery of New York City in the roaring 1920s, Baroque Mansions, and a life of luxury. It is the perfect choice for the timeless, vintage woman with an old soul.

Clarity is going to be your most expensive price point with an emerald cut, but it is worth the price. The emerald cut is known in the diamond industry as ‘The Honest Cut’. This is because its cut turns the center of the stone into a hall of mirrors, reflecting all of the inclusions and making them significantly more visible than the same stone with a different cut. With an emerald cut, you can’t cut costs with clarity, so be sure to choose a higher clarity range like VS1/2 or, optimally, VVS1/2.

Luckily, Emerald cuts mask color more than pears, ovals, or cushion cuts, so you can get away with a lower color grade. With an emerald cut, an H will look like a G, and an F will look like an E. You can even use an ‘Up a Color’ setting and go down another color grade!

Finding the perfect emerald cut at a good price point is about balance. Our diamond sourcers are experts at sourcing the highest-quality diamonds from around the world that meet your price point.


Round Brilliant Cuts

Round Brilliants are very trendy and fashionable right now, and they are one of the sparkliest cuts. Round brilliants have the highest brilliance, fire, scintillation, and sparkle of any diamond shape. They also have the highest spectral/ rainbow light refraction, where other diamonds mainly refract white light. This stone as a 7 carat is certain to turn heads.

The round brilliant is the only cut that can achieve a Triple Excellence Cut Grade rating (excellent cut, excellent polish, and excellent symmetry). This should be your number one priority when sourcing a round brilliant, as it unlocks the full, lustrous sparkle of the diamond, anything less than a Triple Excellence grade with dull the sparkle.

The scintillation and fire of a round brilliant makes the color less noticeable, meaning you can drop down to an H or I color. The sweet spot for a Round Brilliant cut is an F or G color, but if you want to go even higher and achieve perfection with a D or E, don’t let anything stop you!

We suggest staying in the VS1/VS2 - SI1 range with clarity because inclusions are hidden by a round brilliant’s show-stopping sparkle.


Cushion Cuts

Cushion cuts only rose to popularity in 2019, but they have continued to be popular since. A cushion cut is romantic and feminine, perfect for a classic woman with a love for romance and fairy tales.

Cushion cuts can be square or elongated, but no two cushion cuts are the same. Ask your partner if they prefer square or elongated cushion cuts (Or ask one of their friends if this is a surprise. You can also take them into a jewelry store and take note of what they say they prefer).

When sourcing this cut, it is important to consider ratio, weight distribution, and color. Cushion cuts are bottom-heavy, which means a 7-carat cushion cut will look smaller than other 7 carat shapes. When searching for a 7-carat cushion cut, look at the millimeter dimensions. This will tell you more about how the stone will appear on the hand.

Also, take note of the ratio. a 1:1 ratio will be a square, 1:15 will be slightly elongated, and 1:2 will be even more elongated. If your partner has a larger ring size, like a 6.5-8, it is best to choose a wider diamond that will spread more across the width of her finger, creating a more flattering appearance. With color, you’ll want to stay in the (F, G, H) range, as with a size as large as a 7 carat, the color will definitely be noticeable. However, you could even go down to an I color if you choose an ‘up a color’ setting.


Miss Diamond Ring Pear Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear & Marquise Cuts

Pear and Marquise are perfect for the woman who loves something different and unique. A pear cut is teardrop-shaped, while a marquise cut is an almond shape.

Pear and Marquise cuts are the most difficult to source because no two stones are the same. There is usually only 1 good pear or marquise cut in 100 because of the subjective nature of its proportions. At Miss Diamond Ring, we refer to it as Goldilocks Syndrome: We’re searching for a diamond that is not too wide, not too narrow, not too pointy, not too strong of a bowtie, but just right.

You can choose a lower clarity with a Pear or Marquise cut as these shapes mask inclusions really well, but you’re going to want to stick with a high color, especially with a 7 carat. We suggest sticking in the colorless range (D, E, F), or going down to a G.


7 Carat Diamonds Ring Price

The price of a 7-carat diamond fluctuates depending on multiple different factors. Cut, color, and clarity aren’t the only aspects that need to be considered, because fluorescence, certification, shape demand/ rarity, source, and character can also affect the price by tens of thousands of dollars.

Sourcing the perfect diamond for your partner can be a daunting task, but at Miss Diamond Ring, we do this at an expert level. We specialize in an elite global sourcing process to locate that perfect diamond that fits your price range and celebrates your unique love story. To receive an estimate and to enjoy a boutique streamlined search that sources your perfect diamond from a global selection and delivers the very best to your door, email sparkle@missdiamondring.com.

But Most Importantly…

As a Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef & Arpel’s alumni, I can tell you that retail stores are limited to their on-hand inventory that sales associates are eager to sell. When you work with a diamond concierge, you expand your access to the finest diamonds in the world, hand selected for you and available at your ideal price point.

If you are ready to experience the next level in luxury ring shopping- more personalized, less stress, less time, better value, and better options- you can contact us here and set up a diamond discovery call with Michelle. Sparkle@missdiamondring.com

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