Engagement, Anniversary, or Vow Renewal Ring? Choose a 6 Carat Diamond!

Engagement, Anniversary, or Vow Renewal Ring? Choose a 6 Carat Diamond!

Choosing a diamond to symbolize a monumental life event like an engagement, anniversary, or vow renewal may seem daunting, especially because of the cost of the investment. When it comes to symbolizing a romantic partnership the 6-carat diamond is the perfect choice, not just because of its eye-catching, statement-making size, but because of the deep symbolism of the number six. The number six is the embodiment of the heart, and in numerology, it symbolizes family, harmony, home, and nurturing. This could symbolize a promise set at the beginning of a marriage with an engagement ring, or a celebration of your accomplishments as a family with an anniversary, birthday, or vow renewal ring.


Investing in a diamond of this size might be intimidating, but I’m going to give you expert advice on how to choose the best Cut, Color, and Clarity for a 6 Carat. Depending on the cut you choose, color and clarity will appear differently, meaning there are smart ways to cut costs while still finding a stunning, awe-inspiring diamond of this size. I’m going to take you through each cut to help you make the perfect choice.


6 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Cuts

Oval Cuts are the most popular high-in-demand diamond cut right now, they’re perfect for the trendy woman who loves a classic look. The spread and the sparkle of an oval cut also shows larger than its sister cuts (Remember that carat is the weight of the diamond, not the size, so certain cuts will appear larger depending on the weight distribution) and they are flattering on all women’s hands because of the elongation of the stone. 


Keep in mind during your search that larger stones show more flaws and inclusions which are traits of a lower clarity diamond. But, you can cut corners on clarity because of the oval’s brilliant faceting structure. It depends on the types of flaws and inclusions in the stone (different types of clarity yield different appearances). We suggest staying in the VS1/VS2 clarity range for an oval cut. If you’re unsure if the flaws and inclusions in a lower clarity are going to show with this cut, consider contacting an expert for guidance.


It is also important to note that a bow tie is more severe on a larger oval. The bow tie is an unsightly dark bow-tie shaped area seen at the center bottom of the stone. Depending on the cut, color, and clarity, a bow tie can be rendered almost invisible. Our team of ethical and highly-esteemed diamond sourcers in Beverly Hills will be able to help you find the perfect diamond that minimizes any flaws, inclusions, or bow ties.


Color is the most important aspect to consider with 6-carat ovals, because the larger the stone, the lighter and whiter the color needs to be. Ovals show more of their color than round or emerald cuts, so it’s important to stay in the colorless range (D, E,F) or the near-colorless range (G, H). The higher up the color, the more expensive the stone.


At Miss Diamond Ring, we are known for our ‘Up a Color’ settings, where we can make near colorless diamonds appear colorless by choosing the right yellow gold setting for your diamond. 


6 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Radiant Cuts

Radiant cuts are designed to produce the maximum sparkle. These are gorgeous, show-stealing diamonds that create a disco-ball effect with monumental radiance and sparkle. The Radiant cut has 70 facets, which is 12 more facets than all of her other sister shapes. The radiant cut is mesmerizing with its scintillation and sparkle of light refraction and fire.


They are usually cut in a 1:15 to 1:2 ratio, with a long, large, open table (The table of a diamond is the flat top of the diamond. The larger the table, the higher the lustrous sparkle). However, a larger table also makes the center of the diamond more visible, meaning your color will need to be either colorless (D, E, F) or near-colorless (G, H). Because of its stunning faceted structure, you can get away with a lower clarity on a radiant cut (VS1 up to SI1) as the 70 facets are able to mask most inclusions. Radiant cuts work beautifully as solitaire rings (only one stone) or a three-stone ring paired beautifully with bullets, trapezoids, or tapered baguettes on either side. 


6 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cuts

The Emerald cut is a vintage, glamorous cut that evokes nostalgic imagery of the 1800s and 1900s, perfect for a woman with vintage, timeless style. The emerald cut is known in the diamond industry as ‘the Honest Cut’ because its cut creates a hall of mirrors effect that does not hide any inclusions. Therefore, if you choose an emerald-cut, be sure to choose a higher clarity range like VS1/2 or VVS1/2. Clarity is going to be your most expensive price point with an emerald cut, but it is worth the price. 


The good news is that Emerald Cuts mask color much more than pears, ovals, or cushion cuts, this means that an H color will look like a G, and an F will look like an E. You can even put an Emerald Cut in a yellow gold setting and go down another color because the yellow gold amplifies the white color of a stone.


Finding the perfect emerald cut at a good price point is about balance. We at Miss Diamond Ring are experts at sourcing the highest-quality diamonds from around the world that meet your price point.


6 Carat Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Round Brilliant Cuts

Round Brilliant Cuts are incredibly trendy and sparkly, certain to light up any room you enter and grab anyone’s attention. 


Your number one priority when shopping for a round brilliant cut is to make sure it has a Triple Excellence Cut Grade rating. Round Brilliant Cuts are the only stone that can achieve this rating, and this will ensure maximum brilliance, sparkle, and radiance. Round Brilliant cuts also have the highest spectral/ rainbow light refraction. 


Cuts like ovals and cushions refract white light, but round brilliant cuts refract rainbow fire colors. This means that a lower color like an H or I is not noticeable. The sweet spot for a Round Brilliant cut is an F or G color, so there’s no reason to splurge on a D or E when you’re already paying for that Triple Excellence Cut Grade rating. You can also be lenient on clarity because inclusions are hidden by that show-stopping lustrous sparkle. We suggest staying in the VS1/VS2 range with clarity.


6 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion Cuts

A cushion cut has a timeless, romantic elegance to it, and even though these stones only rose to popularity in 2019, they have continued to be popular since. This cut is very romantic, perfect for the classic woman who loves a twist. 


No two cushion cuts are the same, and they can be square or elongated. When choosing a cushion cut, it’s important to consider ratio, weight distribution, and color. First, ask your partner if they prefer square or elongated cushion cuts (if this ring is a surprise, try to sneak a peek at their Pinterest boards or take them into a jewelry store and take note of what they say they like). 


Cushion cuts are bottom-heavy, which means the weight distribution is distributed to the bottom of the stone and the cut may look smaller than some of its sister cuts. Therefore, when shopping for a cushion cut, check the millimeter dimensions. This will tell you more about how the stone will appear on the hand than the carat weight. 


Also, take note of the ratio: a 1:1 ratio will be a square, 1:15 is slightly elongated, and 1:2 is more rectangular. If your partner’s ring size is between 6.5-8, you will want to be mindful of finger coverage, so choose a diamond that will spread more across the width of her finger, as this will be more flattering. With a diamond as large as a 6 carat, the color will show, so you will want to stay in the F, G, H range. However, if you choose a yellow gold setting then you can go down to an I color. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing our ‘Up a Color’ settings.


6 Carat Pear Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear and Marquise Cuts

Pear and Marquise cuts have a striking, unique look, perfect for the woman who loves something different, goes off the beaten path, and loves to make a statement with her style. A pear cut is a teardrop shape, while a marquise cut is almond-shaped. 


These stones are probably the most difficult to source as no two cuts are the same, and there is usually one 1 good pear or marquise cut in 100 due to the subjective nature of its proportions. We call it Goldilock’s Syndrome: Not too wide, not too narrow, not too pointy, not too strong of a bow-tie, but just right.


With a Pear or Marquise cut, you can choose a lower clarity, as these shapes mask inclusions very well. Color will show a lot, so keep to an F or a G. If you choose an ‘Up a Color’ setting, then you can choose an H, I, or even a J color!


6 Carat Diamond Ring Price 

The price of a 6-carat diamond changes depending on multiple different factors. It doesn’t just come down to cut, color, clarity, and carat, but fluorescence, certification, shape demand/ rarity, and character can also drastically affect the price by tens of thousands of dollars. 


Sourcing the perfect diamond for your partner can be an intimidating task, but at Miss Diamond Ring, that is what we do at an expert level. We specialize in an elite global sourcing process to locate that perfect diamond that fits your price range and celebrates your unique love story. To receive an estimate and to enjoy a boutique streamlined search that sources your perfect diamond from a global selection and delivers the very best to your door, email sparkle@missdiamondring.com.


But Most Importantly…

As a Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef & Arpel’s alumni, I can tell you that retail stores are limited to their on-hand inventory that specialists are anxious to sell. When you work with a diamond concierge, you expand your access to the finest diamonds in the world, available at your fingertips at your perfect price point.


If you are ready to experience the next level in luxury ring shopping- more personalized, less stress, less time, better value, and better options- you can contact us here and set up a diamond discovery call with me.

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