The Most Dazzling, Mesmerizing Sparkle: The Round Brilliant Cut

The Most Dazzling, Mesmerizing Sparkle: The Round Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant Diamond is the most timeless and popular diamond cut, not just because of its classic, flattering shape, but because this diamond cut gives off the most dazzling, scintillating sparkle compared to other cuts. The round brilliant cut has the most brilliance, fire, scintillation, and sparkle that makes it light up like a fiery disco ball when the light hits it, grabbing everyone’s attention. Other diamond cuts, like oval, radiant, and cushion, refract white light. Round brilliant cuts, however, emit a vibrant rainbow light. This is the diamond of choice for the classic, chic woman who wants to make a statement whenever she enters a room.

When it comes to shopping for diamonds, cut, color, clarity, and carat all impact the price of a stone (along with other diamond aspects that we’ll discuss). One tiny change in just one of these areas will shift the price dramatically. I’m going to take you through what to consider with a round brilliant diamond and how each of the 4 C’s manifests, so you can source the best diamond at your perfect price point.


When buying a round brilliant diamond, the largest and most important investment you will make is in the cut. A round brilliant diamond is the ONLY cut capable of achieving a Triple Excellence GIA rating. This means that the GIA has determined that the diamond has an excellent cut, excellent polish, and excellent symmetry. This can all be found on the GIA certification. This is one area of purchasing a diamond where you don’t want to cut costs, because if a diamond does not have a Triple Excellent GIA rating, the diamond will show up a lot duller with less sparkle and fire.


Colors for diamonds range all the way from D to Z with the (D, E, F) range being colorless and the (Y, Z) range being very yellow. The higher the color, the more expensive the diamond. As an alumnus of these brands, I can tell you that Tiffany’s offers diamonds all the way to J, and Harry Winston and Van Cleef & Arpels only offer diamonds in the (D, E, F) colorless range. If you can afford a D color while still meeting your goal carat size then that’s the best choice, and it is recommended to stay in the the colorless range (D,E,F).

However, with a round brilliant, you can get away with an H or I color and it’s not as noticeable! This is because round brilliants refract fire and spectral lighting in a much more vibrant way than its sister cuts. For example, an oval, radiant, or cushion cut refracts light differently and has more white light scintillation (a round brilliant has a rainbow scintillation) so the color on these cuts is a lot more noticeable.

This is where having an experienced diamond sourcer comes in handy because you might be able to go even one shade lower! The GIA has to grade the lowest color visible on the stone, which means that a stone might be graded H but faces up like a G color because the H color is only visible at the bottom of the stone (and yes, there’s a significant price jump between a G and an H!) The sweet spot for a round brilliant cut is the (G, H) range, where you get a breathtaking diamond at a more affordable cost.

At Miss Diamond Ring, we have access to a global selection of diamonds from some of the most esteemed diamond sourcers in Beverly Hills. We also specialize in ‘Up a Color’ settings, where we find the perfect setting for a diamond that makes the stone appear even higher in color.

Important to note: Fluorescence

You may be asking, what is fluorescence? It’s definitely not part of the 4 C’s, but it makes a significant impact on the price of a diamond. Fluorescence is a GIA rating that measures how much the diamond glows under UV light. The higher the fluorescence, the lower the price of the stone. However, fluorescence is sometimes never even visible. If you want to play it safe when sourcing on your own, then opt for a none to faint fluorescence. But, on rare occasions, the fluorescence of a stone can actually improve the color, making an I look like a G! These stones are rare and hard to locate, so be sure to partner with an expert sourcer if you wish to go this route.


When it comes to Clarity, I always tell my clients that there is no point in paying for something you can’t see with your own eyes. An F or IF rating is flawless but rare, and most jewelry stores will sell you a VVS1 or a VVS2 saying that it is perfect. With the round brilliant cut, you have even more breathing room because the faceting structure on a round brilliant makes a VS2 or an SI1 look like a VVS to the naked eye. We recommend a range of VS1 to SI2 for round brilliants, but there is a caveat.

When going down to the SI range, it is important to pair up with an experienced sourcer. You don’t want to buy an SI1 or SI2 without seeing the stone close up and in person because not all SI stones are created equal. Some SI2 stones are phenomenal and 100% eye clean (meaning you would never be able to see an inclusion with the naked eye) but these are difficult to source. Without a sourcer, it is best to stay in the VS1/ VS2 range, but with a sourcer, you can save money and open yourself up to so many more possible diamonds!

At Miss Diamond Ring, we hand select a range of diamonds that meet your budget and specifications and send them to you to view in the comfort of your own home.


Carat is the weight and size of your diamond. If you want a ring that will get everyone talking, then carat weight is really what is going to get everyone’s attention. If you play your cards right and source the most affordable color, cut, and clarity for a round brilliant cut, then you can really splurge with the carat weight! The larger the stone, the more brilliant and jaw-dropping the sparkle, but it is important to note that the larger the size, the more noticeable any inclusions might be. If opting for a larger carat weight, go back to the VS1/ VS2 range for clarity to be on the safe side.


The price of a round brilliant diamond changes depends on multiple different factors. The quality of the cut, color, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, and character all drastically affect the price by tens of thousands of dollars.

Sourcing the perfect diamond for your partner can be daunting. On average, a person spends 60 hours trying to find the perfect stone, only to have spent too much money on a low-quality diamond. At Miss Diamond Ring, sourcing diamonds is what we do at an expert level. We specialize in an elite global sourcing process to locate that perfect diamond that fits your price range and celebrates your unique love story. We don’t charge brick-and-mortar prices or go through any middlemen so we can pass those savings back to you. To receive an estimate and to enjoy a boutique streamlined search that sources your perfect diamond from a global selection and delivers the very best to your door, email

But Most Importantly…

As a Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef & Arpel’s alumni, I can tell you that retail stores are limited to their on-hand inventory that specialists are anxious to sell. When you work with a diamond concierge, you expand your access to the finest diamonds in the world, available at your fingertips at your perfect price point.

If you are ready to experience the next level in luxury ring shopping- more personalized, less stress, less time, better value, and better options- you can contact us here and set up a diamond discovery call with me.

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