A 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring, Pretty Please.

A 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring, Pretty Please.

If you are on the hunt for a 5 carat engagement ring or are simply dreaming of your next big 5 carat ring upgrade, you have come to the right place…

Acquiring a 5 carat engagement ring is a particularly important search that must be conducted within the right diamond sourcing network. Not all diamonds are created equal and when you are investing in a diamond ring of this size, shop wisely.

5 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes


MDR Atelier Sapphire Oval Diamond Ring

Oval Cuts

A 5 carat Oval Diamond Ring is the most in demand diamond shape for 2020. Due to her spready and sparkly personality, the 5 carat Oval Diamond shows larger than her other sister diamond shapes and is very flattering on all women’s hands due to the elongation of the stone.

Do be careful when buying a 5 carat oval diamond, as larger stones can show more flaws or inclusions. Although it is true with Oval Diamonds you are able to cut corners on clarity due to the faceting structure, you do not want to source the wrong clarity traits as some show more than others. It is recommended to stay in the VS1/VS2 range when possible with a 5 carat Oval Diamond Ring  

Do note that the larger the oval, the more severe the bow-tie of the oval may be. Having access to the right network of top make stones will ensure your diamond will not be over-shadowed by an unsightly bow-tie.

The color of your 5 carat diamond ring is the most important factor, next to carat weight. Although you may have a large stone, if it isn’t white and bright, people will notice. Ovals show color more than their Round and Emerald Cut sisters, so stay in the colorless (D,E,F) range or top tier near colorless range (G,H). 

If you are working with our team, we are able to source near colorless diamonds that face up like a colorless diamond.


MDR Atelier Oval Diamond Ring MDR Atelier Oval Diamond Ring MDR Atelier Oval Diamond Ring




MDR Atelier Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald Cuts

The Emerald Cut 5 carat Engagement Ring is a symbol of elegance and beauty. This step-cut stunner is known as “The Honest Cut” as you do not have brilliant faceting to hide any inclusions. 

With a 5 carat Emerald Cut, you must stay in the VS1/2 or VVS1/2 clarity range. One noticeable inclusion will be magnified with this hall of mirrors diamond cut. Clarity is worth the spend on Emerald Cut 5 carat Diamonds.

The good news is Emerald Cut Diamonds mask color more than her brilliant sisters (pear, oval, cushion). This means an H looks like a G, or and F looks like and E color. If you can stay in the colorless range (D,E,F) that is always ideal, but 5 carats is a significant spend, so if you are in the G,H near colorless range, you will be more than aces with your ring. *Of note, if you are doing a ring with a yellow gold setting, you can go even lower in color and get away with it!

MDR Atelier Emerald Cut Engagement Diamond Ring MDR Atelier Emerald Cut Engagement Diamond Ring


MDR Atelier Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Round Brilliant Cuts

The 5 carat Round Brilliant engagement ring is a status symbol of perfection. Only in the round brilliant diamond cut can you achieve a perfect Triple Excellent Cut Grade rating. Your light refraction, brilliance and scintillation will be lighting up every room with sparkle from choosing wisely with a Triple Excellent Cut Grade. That must be your number 1 priority with a 5 carat Round Brilliant Diamond Ring. 

Next is color, which luckily Round Brilliant Diamonds mask very nicely due to their spectral/rainbow light refraction. Ovals and cushions refract white light, while Round Brilliant Diamonds refract spectral or rainbow fire colors so an H or I color is not noticeable like it would be on a cushion cut diamond or oval cut diamond. The sweet spot is F and G color but if you need to go to H or I color to get to the 5 carat diamond ring mark, we approve!

Clarity on a 5 carat diamond ring is a bit more open and lenient. Due to the massive sparkle from its brilliant faceting, inclusions are well hidden and generally hard to see from SI1 and above. If you can be in the VS1/VS2 range, this is ideal, especially on a 5 carat engagement ring investment of this caliber. 


MDR Atelier Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion Cuts

The soft corners cushion cut is a timeless look, whether square or elongated. In 2019, and 2020 elongated cushion brilliants became very in demand and in general cushion cuts are an adored shape by women around the world. They are all unique and no two are the same, despite what the certificate says.

In purchasing a 5 carat cushion diamond ring, it is important to consider ratio, weight distribution and color. You first must find out if your future wife prefers a square cushion or a more elongated cushion. 

A 5 carat elongated cushion cut will look a bit larger than a 5 carat square cushion cut due to the weight distribution. It is important to note that cushions can at times be bottom heavy (no offense cushions, we love you!). What this means is you may have much of the diamond weight on the bottom of the stone instead of the top, so it shows smaller. You want your 5 carat to show like a 5 carat. Checking the millimeter dimensions of the stone will tell you how large the stone actually is (carat weight is great but that does not tell you everything you need to know about how the stone will look on her hand). 

Also you must consider the ratio of the cushion. Diving length by width will give you the ratio of the diamond. Generally, a 1:1 cushion cut is a square shape. A 1:15 will have slight elongation and a 1:2 will look more rectangular. If your gilfriend has wider fingers (size 6.5 - 8) you will want to be mindful of finger coverage. Meaning, choose the diamond that spreads across her finger more, or consider adding side stones to the ring to offer a more flattering and appropriate look for her finger size. 

Lastly, color is important for your 5 carat cushion cut diamond ring. With a diamond this large, color will show. Try to stay between F,G and (with an expert’s help) H color. Again, if you are considering a yellow gold setting, you can go to I color and our clients enjoy our tricks to whiten the stone with our “Up a color” custom diamond settings. 


MDR Atelier Cushion Cut Engagement Diamond Ring MDR Atelier Cushion Cut Engagement Diamond Ring MDR Atelier Cushion Cut Engagement Diamond Ring


MDR Atelier Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Pear & Marquise Cuts

These fancy shapes offer a striking look, especially as a 5 carat engagement ring. 

Flattering and spready, these elongated shape must be sourced by an expert as there is one beautiful pear or marquise shape out of every 100 due to the subjective nature of the shape’s proportions. We call it the Goldilocks Syndrome: not too wide, not too narrow, not too pointy, not too strong of a bow-tie. These shapes must be sourced appropriately so that your 5 carats shows beautifully and people stop and stare, for the right reasons.

Clarity is your win on these stones, as they mask inclusions well. Color will show from H and lower so stick to an F, G range when possible. Or if you are purchasing an H, I or J color, our clients generally prefer our “Up a Color” setting to pop more white into their gorgeous diamond.


5 Carat Diamonds Ring Price

When shopping for a 5 carat diamond ring, pricing varies substantially based on many factors. Consider the car buying process and how many models, and makes there are, bells and whistles which alter a car’s end price. Diamonds are very similar. A 5 carat can range from $45,000 (yes! A J-SI2 Cushion with a black inclusion in the center) all the way up to $465,000 (Yes! A D-Flawless XXX, None stone). 

Factors such as color, cut, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, certification, shape demand/rarity and stone make/character alter a diamonds price. One change in each of those 7 elements will change the price of the diamond by tens of thousands. 

It is our job to treasure hunt for the most beautiful diamond that matches not only our client’s spend but is also a diamond truly representative of that couple’s unique love story. To receive an estimate and enjoy a boutique streamlined search that sources elite diamonds from around the world, email sparkle@missdiamondring.com.

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