Why in the World Would you Need a Diamond Concierge?


Of course you can find your own ring. That’s what (most) everyone does.

But here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t and why you will be three steps ahead (and 1 carat bigger) than your peers with a personalized Diamond Concierge.

Diamonds in a store will be marked up considerably more because they have greater overhead costs. Rent, insurance, employees, advertising, displays…etc.  I have minimal overhead and I cut out the middle man so the savings is passed on to you. You will be accessing the SAME diamonds, gemstones and rings sold to high end luxury name brand retailers, with much less markup.

My loyalty lies with you, the client, and in making sure you get the best out there. This means I am not going to sell you a stone that I have been trying to offload from my jewelry store inventory which is a stone that is not ideal for your search. Because I can access any wholesaler and I know who the best wholesalers are around the world, I hand pick your diamonds and rings from the creme de la creme while also passing on exceptional value.

You haven’t been doing this for over a decade with Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany & Co. – I have. The “4 C’s of Diamonds” websites are not going to tell you the finer details in craftsmanship that set apart the okay rings apart from the exceptional. Accessing the most skilled Ivy League bench jewelers that design for major name brands on Rodeo Drive and the best wholesale source of top make diamonds will ensure that her ring has unparalleled beauty.

Down and Dirty Diamond Details – From certification type, to inclusions that are less desirable vs more desirable, certain diamond shapes with shadowing you need to look out for, fracture-fills, treated stones, shapes that are cheaper because they are less desirable in the marketplace, times of year to get the best price…etc. On a purchase this important and significant, becoming a temporary expert is not in your best interest. I will consult with you on your diamond shape, carat weight, color, clarity, certification and setting – so that you will feel pride in knowing she is wearing a diamond that was hand picked out of thousands, just for her.

Diamonds online are known as being sub-par quality. You get what you pay for online. The hand selected stones you will receive from GIA experts with Miss Diamond Ring are the same diamonds that are sold to name brand luxury stores. These stones have more character, sparkle, and are considered a better “make.”

After selling as many rings as I have, I know what women love. Getting the feminine perspective for your luxury engagement ring and Proposal is invaluable. Having sold millions in jewelry and countless engagement rings to women around the world, I have a unique perspective that will help gauge which piece is perfect for her. I learn about your fiancee and consider her style, personality and desires in my ring search. I also offer complimentary proposal consulting as well as destination proposal travel perks for select clientele. I take every ring call personally and am upfront and honest about every selection.

My services are complimentary. Similar to a realtor, I am paid by whomever you decide to purchase from (once your ring is complete and you are over the moon). Jewelers and wholesalers are motivated to work with my clients and offer better pricing – so fear not when I ask you your budget. If it is $20,000, $30,000 or $500,000 – my goal is to get you the biggest, and most beautiful diamond within your budget. I do the negotiating between wordlwide wholesalers and luxury manufacturers to give you a value you will feel great about.

 Intrigued? Schedule a call with Michelle and receive a complimentary Diamond Discovery Consultation: Michelle@missdiamondring.com

*Accepting new clients with a $20,000 minimum spend.

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Michelle Rielly