Yellow Diamonds, for your Beautiful Sunshine


Thinking about a yellow diamond ring?

Yellow Diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a fabulous choice if your fiancee loves yellow, if she has olive toned skin, and/or if you want something unique, beautiful and BIGGER for your budget. With a yellow you definitely get more bling for your buck.

Basics About Yellow Diamonds:

Yellow diamonds represent joy, enthusiasm and optimism in a relationship. Yellow (and brown) diamonds occur more commonly than most other colored diamonds. These diamonds are yellow due to the presence of nitrogen and the intensity of yellow is dependent upon the concentration of nitrogen in each stone. The more vivid the yellow, the greater the rarity and higher the price. These sunshine colored stones tend to be less expensive than near colorless/colorless diamonds.

Shades of Yellow:

Yellow Diamonds come in varying shades. The lighter being more common and inexpensive, intense yellow being more rare and therefore a higher price per carat.

Here are My TIPS to getting the Most Bling for your Buck with a Yellow Diamond:


Ideal Shapes:

The most ideal shapes to choose due to their greater retention of yellow saturation are RadiantCushion and Oval Shapes. Compared to other shapes that are the same color grade, these shapes will show more yellow.

Unusual Shapes:

If you want a yellow in a shape that few people have, opt for a Round, an Emerald, Asscher or a Heart shape.

Setting Tips:

If you have a lighter yellow diamond, like a fancy light yellow or a fancy yellow, set the stone in yellow gold to pop the color up a notch. If you have a more intense or vivid yellow, setting with white micropave diamonds or white side-stones offers a beautiful contrast to highlight the top notch color of your stone.

See Pictures Below:


I hope you have found these yellow diamond tips helpful as you continue your search. If you would like to save time, money and stress, let’s chat. 

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