Why More Men are Opting for a Jewelry Concierge

Getting engaged soon?

Maybe an anniversary coming up…a birthday…or an old fashioned “just because” sparkly surprise that will make her beam for years?


Well, gents, you have a few options. Actually, you have thousands and thousands – and thousands – of options when it comes to jewelry. So many options, in fact, that it is hard to know, when spending an arm, a leg and several months’ worth of mortgages, if you are making a proper investment in your jewelry procurement. Unfortunately, there are bad choices out there and many don’t realize it until its too late.


Your time is incredibly valuable and becoming a temporary expert (learning the 4 C’s online) in an industry with as many options as pitfalls is not a risk men are willing to take. And I can tell you, the 4 C’s are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to manifesting a beautifully hand forged engagement ring. From Sweden to Chicago, Florida to San Francisco, Del Mar to Manhattan Beach, I have had the privilege of helping men streamline their engagement ring search to procure an impressive and breathtaking engagement ring.


Your future wife looks at her ring hundreds of times each week and you don’t want her looking at her diamond ring with any thought other than “my man is amazing.


Should you pop into that Rodeo Drive Salon and just get her exactly what she wants? Or should you go online and buy your own diamond, sight unseen, and try to custom make something? Maybe you head downtown and see where the gods lead you…although I have heard downtown horror stories ranging from fake diamonds to diamond falling out of the setting. The bottom line is it is a risk you do not have to take if you have an industry insider streamlining your search.


Miss Diamond Ring, the premier West Coast-based international jewelry consultancy, brings together over a decade of jewelry experience and industry connections (Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels) to get you a selection of top quality diamonds at value driven prices. With an expert doing the diamond reconnaissance for you, vetting stone quality beyond the Four Cs and matching you with a very select group of bench craftsman to set the jewel properly (unlike the majority of rings out there), you receive Rodeo Drive results in a stress free and on-budget experience that exists nowhere else.


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Michelle Rielly