5 Ways to Make Her Engagement Ring more Meaningful

“Rows and rows, these or those, up up on my tippy-toes.” As I read Shoe-La-La to my 4.5 year old princess in the making, I am reminded of how many choices we have in life. Shoes, clothes, schools, jobs, friends, partners and of course, in my line of work – engagement rings.


So many choices seem good, ideal in fact. Even if I like the first option, I need to see 15 more to settle back on the original first that I fell in love with. I remember doing that with my wedding dress.


As an engagement ring concierge (you can read more about me here) I see the same struggle with my clients searching through all of the diamond and setting options. Whether it is the man or the woman doing the shopping, or in many cases – both – this purchase is so significant and sentimental that it must be a ring unlike any other. Unique like the love this couple has found in one another.


Luckily there are some great ideas I have come across in the thousands of couples I have helped over the past decade that can set her ring apart and personalize it in a way that will be meaningful for you both in the years to come.


1. A Diamond Inscription of Your Love

A fun secret most don’t know, for a small fee you can have a phrase, date or name inscribed on your diamond by GIA. This is not visible to the naked eye but is legible under a 10x Magnifying Glass or Loupe. It can be read and enjoyed just by the two of you. A nice surprise, especially if she already is a part of the ring shopping experience.


2. Hidden / Visible Birthstones/Gemstones

If you want to keep the engagement ring a traditional diamond but want to include a personal touch, integrating your fiancé’s birthstone or both of your birthstones is a beautiful and meaningful addition to your ring. I have seen hidden birthstones on the inside of the band, and birthstones along the shank of the band like in this image. Sapphires on the band created a beautiful touch. You can see a beautiful example of this here.


3. Engraving on the Inner Ring Shank

Most couples will engrave their wedding bands, but I love the idea of engraving something special on the actual engagement ring. The date you met or the date you got engaged, or your wedding date. Seemingly simple, this small touch has brought big smiles to many couples.


4. Fancy Colored Diamonds

Different from a gemstone, a fancy colored diamond is exceedingly rare and as we all know exceedingly expensive. However, a few small melee colored diamonds in pink, blue, green or purple can add a very beautiful detail to her ring. As rare as your love, a colored diamond detail hidden on the side of the setting is a beautiful and unique gesture. Each color represents something different so clients can choose the color that resonates with their love the most.


5. Custom/Bespoke Diamond & Setting

A bezel setting with hammered metal. An elongated antique cushion set in a rosegold halo. A two-toned gold ring set around a triangular shaped diamond. She is unlike any other and so her ring should be as well. Choosing a diamond that reflects her soul and designing a setting that accentuates who she is, is a process that will yield the most incredible and meaningful work of art you will ever own. I love gathering information from the men I work with to put together a ring that reflects the love they feel for their future wife.


It is Spring now and we are around the corner from a Summer of engagements. The best part of my job is getting to meet all of you over-the-moon couples who are madly in love! If you are looking for an engagement ring and would like a low-stress process that yields the biggest and most beautiful diamond ring within your budget, connect with me here or email me at michelle@missdiamondring.com.
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Michelle Rielly