The Hazards of Buying An Online Diamond


If you are thinking about buying a diamond online just remember this:

If something seems too be good to be true, it usually is!

Having worked in luxury jewelry for brands like Harry WinstonTiffany & Co and Van Cleef & Arpels, I can tell you from personal experience that many customers have walked through those retail doors after a failed online diamond purchase. Unfortunately, they did not get what they thought they ordered online. The good news is you can get your partner the best – if you are connected with the right jewelers. Below details valuable information about the pitfalls of an online diamond purchase and consequences you need to consider.

Is Character Important to You?

We have all heard of the 4 C’s: Cut, Color  Clarity and Carat Weight, but there is a 5th C many don’t know about. When purchasing a diamond sight unseen, you cannot see or take into consideration the most important “C” about a diamond, which is its Character. The Character of the diamond is its true essence and personality – its real life scintillation, brilliance, and sparkle.  Most reputable luxury jewelry houses have a gem department dedicated specifically to look for the 5th C.

Think about it – there are thousands of D-VVS1, F-VS1 GIA certificates with excellent cut, polish and symmetry – but they all have different life and character, and no two are the same. Some diamonds ARE better than others, even if they have the same certificate grading. When you see 2 similar stones side by side you will be amazed at how differently they look and how differently you feel toward them both. See photo below:


Remember, these beautiful gems have taken billions of years to form and are a natural substance from the earth. The Character of a stone is something that can be only measured with the naked eye. Just like someone can look good on paper or in a picture, sound perfect over the phone, and have the perfect resume – you would never hire them unless you met them (I hope).

The true quality and visible inclusions are a very important factor that cannot be seen when purchasing a diamond online.  How bright is the stone? What is the quality? Is there a haze? What does it look like through a loupe (a 10 power magnifying glass)? These are things you cannot know if you are buying loose diamonds online with an untrained eye.

In summary, buying something as expensive and important as a diamond online is not the way to procure your future wife’s ring. Selecting the diamond she will wear on her finger is not only important for your peace of mind, but it will mean the world to your future wife knowing that you hand picked that diamond just for her.

Remember, your engagement ring is a very personal and permanent symbol of your love to your future wife! Not to mention, it is one of the most expensive purchases you will make (until you get that gorgeous beach house, Ferrari or G6), so make sure you meet your diamond. They all sparkle differently and one WILL speak to you! Click here for more information on how I can assist  in creating your perfect custom ring.

Michelle Rielly