An Engagement Ring for her and a New Car for You


She gets a diamond ring, you get a new car.

 That sounds fair right guys? If you’re investing in this very significant purchase for your future wife, maybe you should get something equally valuable like a new car…

 Ok we all know that’s not going to happen. But here’s my point in bringing this up…

 When men are engagement ring shopping, oftentimes they are not certain what their girlfriend likes. They assume she will like a round brilliant solitaire (the odds are pretty good on a round since it is the most popular cut by 70%+) or pick something a jeweler might be trying to sell them, but shape and style is very important, gents. It is a serious risk to purchase without gathering the intel of your fiance’s style, desired setting and diamond shape preference.

 An engagement ring is very personal and has significant emotional attachment. Speaking on behalf of the thousands of women I have helped (you can learn more about me here), the engagement ring is an extension of our identity, femininity and most importantly a symbol of your love. Knowing the style, shape and aesthetic is imperative if you want her to truly be happy with the ring you give her.

 The best analogy to describe how women feel about their rings is to bring it back to carsMen, you love your cars. For a majority, they are an extension of your personality, style and are a statement about who you are. So, what if your future wife was picking out a car for you. Would you want her to pick the white SUV Volvo with cream seats (since that’s what she likes)?  Didn’t think so.  You would rather she pick out EXACTLY what you will like, since you are the one who will be driving it. Grigio Maratea Metallescent Maserati, yellow break calipers, black stitching on the seats. Surround sound. More your style right? Think about that as you search for her ring.

 And think about how many times a day (50), and how many days a year (365) she will be staring at her ring. That is 18,250 times a year on average (some of us admittedly stare at our rings wayyyy more than that). Trust me when I say, you want her thinking “Oh my gosh I love him so much, he really gets me” every time she stares at her ring. You don’t want her thinking “Why did he get me a pear shape? Why didn’t he get Yellow Gold instead of White Gold? I don’t like how this halo looks.” It sounds nitpicky I know, but my job is to help my clients avoid these situations so you don’t have to redo her setting in the future. You can learn more about my services here.

 To recap, you may not get that new car for now, but with the right intel you will have one beaming, smiling, giddy wife who will daily be loving her ring and loving you to the moon and back for knowing what she loves. Congrats on finding the one and feel free to leave a comment below, I read them all.

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xx, Michelle

Michelle Rielly