Bench Made: More Than a Custom Engagement Ring

Unique or Just Like Everyone Else?
Do you want your engagement ring to look like it came off a conveyer belt or do you want it to look like a finely finished piece of jewelry? If you look closely, you can tell the difference. Read on.

Two Inseparable Parts
I tend to view the engagement ring as a symbol of any couple’s unique relationship. What we essentially have are two inseparable parts, the shank and the center stone. These indispensable elements, equally beautiful in their own right, are “married”, or forged, to become a stunning statement of committed and cultivated love. Rings should be as remarkably distinct as the relationships they represent, so it’s good to remember that nothing forced ever truly lasts.

Enter the Bench Jeweler, the Michelangelo to your madonna

The engagement ring is a work of art and should be crafted as such. We all prefer human interaction over automated, anyway.
 A setting that is bench made undergoes authentic, time-tested techniques for crafting a shank and basket that holds the exact dimensions of your diamond — something a free setting provided through your generic gallerias can never promise. A bench jeweler handles the many different phases of refining, polishing, filing, hand forging, torching, and more that go into the creation of your ring. They offer their services to design a tailor-made setting that will secure and fortify your unique jewel(s).

In a world of “click here and it is yours” wouldn’t it be nice to have a few things that are thought out, have a personal touch, and do take some time?

Actual hands-on gold-smithing  is involved in the bench jeweler’s process. Bench jewelers know that all rings should not be created equal (that is, exactly the same), as they guarantee custom-made rings that aren’t just simply customized by hitting a few keystrokes, like other retailer ‘hand-forged” rings are. Most settings are made through the use of uninspired pre-set molds, casts, 3D prints or CAD modeling, which aren’t always suited to perfectly secure your stone for the long-haul. Many times the setting you buy for your cushion, could actually be made for a round diamond. Important Note: The basket needs to be carved specifically for your stone’s dimensions to ensure it is as secure as a tank.

Tailor Made
Bench jewelers take their role in crafting your ring seriously and value the importance of real human artistry and engineering. Though bench jewelers are rare and usually only accessible through high end jewelers, take heart — I continue to work with several exclusive bench jewelers who have passed down the family trade for generations. Deciding to go through a bench jeweler guarantees you will see the ring of your dreams come to life, a ring YOU had a literal hand in creating. What’s more: you are in charge of the creative process the whole way through. And no one will ever have the same ring as your wife.

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Michelle Rielly