Step Above the Status Quo

The Miss Diamond Ring Experience

There is a better way to find her ring. An intimate boutique process that takes the guesswork & stresswork out of your search and gives you a VIP pass to the best stones and Rodeo Drive rings on the market, for 30-50% off retail.

Work one-on-one with an industry expert who takes your search seriously and focuses on what really matters - achieving a personalized and breathtaking ring at a great value.

 Learn about our Complimentary PROCESS:


 Schedule your 10 Minute Diamond Discovery Consultation

   I learn about your Ring Goals and discuss the 6 C’s regarding your desired diamond size and shape.


If you become a miss diamond ring client:
I access to my private global network of top make stones
for your custom diamond selection and negotiate pricing.


I email your custom selection with images and pricing


you view the Diamond Ring Selection in person.-For clients out of state I email video
and images and share my advice and recommendations on each piece


You select your ring, we customize it to perfection you and plan your proposal!

There is a better way to buy your diamond ring

Every year over 2 million couples get engaged.

In searching for the perfect engagement ring, men spend on average 90 hours over 3 months researching diamonds, making calls and visiting stores. All in an effort to make the right choice for a ring that will wow their future wife (along with her friends and family).

The analysis paralysis that happens spending weeks analyzing rings, certificates and diamonds builds anxiety about “getting it wrong” during a time when you should be enjoying the love of your life! The alternative of overspending by 5X on a luxury name brand offers perfection, but at a high ticket price. The good news is, these are no longer your only options in giving her the very best...

With a massive, murky sea of options, knowing how and where to purchase your ring will save you valuable hours better spent, and tens of thousands on your purchase. Furthermore, in the diamond industry knowing who to trust and who delivers exceptional quality craftsmanship is imperative. This is where I come in. With over a decade of experience working with the most exclusive jewelry houses in the world, Michelle gets you the ring of her dreams at the price of yours.